Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pachauri: they've all got it in for me!

The charges are baseless. "Powerful vested interests are acting against me," says Pachauri. Yea ... really powerful vested interests. Anyhow, the great man then goes on to admit:
Yes, I advise a number of organisations, both in India and overseas. And some of them are, you know, banks like the Deutsche Bank and they do provide payment for it. But each penny of it goes to my institute. I never take a single penny for myself. So much so I get honoraria, sometimes pretty generous honoraria, for giving talks in various places, but the cheque goes directly to my institute.
Then what? How much does his "institute" pay him? Houses in Golf Links Road don't come cheap. And then there's the servants to pay.

Nevertheless, says Pachauri, "My record is impeccable. I've always been totally scrupulous about every single penny's transaction. So I'm certainly going to take action on this ... ". But, asked whether he would take legal action, the great man would not commit himself. "I'll decide what kind of action, they're going to hear more about it."

So far, we haven't heard.