Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why are we selling these?

Alright, they are "obsolescent", having been replaced by the Trojan of Jeremy Clarkson fame. But, given the problems in Afghanistan, could we not find a use for them there, instead of selling them off in "good condition" for £9,500 each?

You can also have a Caterpillar D6D with a blast-proof cab for a knock-down £47,500 or, if you are in the mood, there is a whole raft of ex-MoD road building equipment including a grader in "excellent" condition for a mere £32,500, complete with spare wheels and manual.

This is redolent of the bizarre sale of armoured bucket-loaders, which also doubled up as mine clearance vehicles, the £14 million fleet sold unused at a knockdown price of less than £4.5 million. One really does wonder what the MoD thinks it is doing.