Sunday, July 19, 2009

Military sources

I wonder where this came from?

Military sources claimed Sir Richard initially opposed the £30million purchase of 100 US-built Mastiff armoured patrol vehicles which have increased troops' protection against roadside bombs since replacing the heavily criticised Snatch Land Rovers.

The Mail on Sunday has been told Sir Richard preferred the ambitious FRES programme - Future Rapid Effects System - involving 3,500 medium-weight armoured vehicles. That project was quietly dropped last month amid fears over its cost and effectiveness.
You do love the pomposity of "The Mail on Sunday has been told" ... We read it here and then got the detail from Ministry of Defeat would have been more honest. But then, this is the MSM we're talking about. Can't reveal our sources, old boy!

A book lives or dies from the media exposure it gets. They are stealing bread from my mouth.