Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What more can you say?

That is from the New York Times blog. It continues:
"We welcome the creation of architecture at the European level that can coordinate national supervision," Mr. Osborne said in Brussels, where he was meeting with fellow European Union finance ministers.

"But we were obviously concerned," he said, "that the interests of the British taxpayer were protected, that the voice of London was heard and that we did nothing that would undermine the competitiveness of Europe."
Typical Tory cant, demonstrating once again that the Conservatives are the party of the EU. One wonders if there is anyone out there who still claims Mr Cameron is a eurosceptic ... or that Mr Hague will look after our interests. In fact, the whole ghastly thing is so damn predictable that it's not even worth saying "I told you so".

Meanwhile, there is this - the idea is that employer pay wages directly to the taxman, he works out what tax is due and pays the balance to the employee. I had to check the date, but yes this is a serious proposition from a government with supposed conservatives in it.

We're doomed, I tell you ... doomed.