Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's not them, it's us

The headline almost speaks for itself ... Ban Ki Moon, that thieving little autocrat heading one of the biggest kleptocracies in the history of man – barring the previous one – wants governments to pledge £25.5bn to eradicate world poverty.

It is not a coincidence that, below this one, we have a piece which records that, since 2003, we've spent £30 bn in "aid" to Afghanistan. And have we eradicated poverty, even in that benighted country? Or is it a fact that the country is poorer than it ever has been, that the rich are richer, that the violence is at an historic high and there are thousands of overpaid tranzies feeding at the tit of international money?

But you would expect a thieving tranzie such us Ban Ki Moon to be holding out his hands for more money ... that is what he does for a living. But it does not excuse the likes of Nick Clegg – an ocean-going moron if ever there was one – from supporting these thieves.

Back home, though, we support these people – defer to them – elect them ever ... "we" being the generic, of course. I'd sooner cut off my leg and feed it to the cat than vote for any of these ... (insert suitable description here). In fact, after a visit from the bailiff yesterday, I may well have to anyway.

Why do we allow these morons to get away with it? What is with the collective stupidity of the "civilised" world that we allow these brain-dead fantasists to run our government, to waste our money and to spread misery, discord and discontent around the world, all in the name of convincing us that they really are as stupid as they look?

It is us, collectively, who allow this to happen. We need our brains examined.