Sunday, September 05, 2010

This dying creed

With Pachauri in "crow mode" in the Times of India, Booker starts the fight-back in today's Sunday Telegraph. Essentially, what he is saying is that the recently published Inter-Academy report into the IPCC "tiptoes around a mighty elephant in the room", even if it has provoked even some of the more committed believers in man-made global warming to demand the resignation of Pachauri.

The "elephant", of course, is that it is not just Pachauri who is corrupt but the whole of the edifice of the IPCC. This is not a proper scientific body we are dealing with here – any more than Pachauri is a proper climate scientist. It is an advocacy group, ready to stop at nothing in hijacking the prestige of science for its cause.

This, though, you would not have guessed from the Inter-Academy report which means that, even if Pachauri is forced to resign at a UN meeting in Korea next month - as seems possible - he will merely have been thrown off the sledge so that the all-important cause can survive.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the cause will survive. Like the EU, it has lost any intellectual or moral authority it ever had. It is only a matter of time, therefore, before the stench from its decomposing corpse, washed up on the beach, becomes so overpowering that even its supporters are forced to take note.