Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I should not do this

... but sometimes, you just can't help yourself. First, you see this headline, then you see this one, and the imagination automatically does the rest. But the real savings, one suspects, would be in Westminster and Whitehall. There is most definitely prime minister potential here, and it could avoid this sort of tragic outcome.

In fact, the possibilities are endless, especially where they have already implemented the idea, as the picture here illustrates.

- - - -

But hey, the one thing they can't do is research, so I'm safe at least. It's back on the treadmill for me on Battle of Britain project and I've been hard at work revising the narrative on this day, 9 September.

What is incredibly interesting and useful here is the number of people helping out. Apart from the forum (which continues to be invaluable), the stuff people are sending me on e-mail, and the long telephone conversations with friends and colleagues, it is amazing how many people are prepared to help when you contact them out of the blue.

So far, I've had some serious help from the New Zealand Commission (now Embassy), Great Ormand Street Hospital for Sick Children, The Peabody Trust and the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovil. That detail and help makes all the difference. I have a good feeling about this project.

- - - -

And here, the article to end all articles - in The Guardian of all places. Louise Gray, he's sussed you!