Friday, September 10, 2010

Our profound hope

Sorry about the quality, but this is from The Ferryhill and Chiltern Chapter, a freesheet circulating somewhere oooop North, taken on a mobile phone. We profoundly hope they gave the bus counselling and that it has now recovered from its ordeal.

Possibly, the headline was generated by Google Scribe, the latest attempt by Google to destroy a once valued service.

The images search is completely useless since its revamp and the word search, now fashioned as "Google Instant", is distracting, irritating and unhelpful. Blogger, also owned by Google, has also undergone a makeover. The once robust and reliable posting system has become a nightmare.

It is like so many things these days ... you have a perfectly workable system, they "improve" it – and it never works properly again. When things work, why don't they just LEAVE THEM ALONE, including poor defenceless busses.