Monday, September 20, 2010

Is this man an imposter?

There is this person called Clegg (the one on the left), who claims to be the deputy prime minister, telling us that he is planning to mount a programme of fear and intimidation in order to extract more money from the "middle classes" – as opposed to the filthy rich class to which he and his tranzi wife belongs.

The thought occurred that maybe we should report him to the police as an imposter. But then the further thought occurred that this is what the police spend most of their time doing anyway (when they are not extracting money under false pretences), so we are not going to get a lot of help from that quarter.

Cogitating on this, I popped into the doctors' surgery this morning, to book an appointment to see a doctor about a minor complaint. The earliest the receptionist could offer was 28 September, and then only if I took the slot at 7.50 am. One can, therefore, see why Mr Clegg needs the money so desperately. After all those years of under-funding, it is so very obvious that the cash-starved public services need more assistance.

Not least, he also needs the money to pay prisoners £750 compensation for being deprived of the "right" to vote. And now little Cleggy is set to obey those lovely European judges and give all prisoners the right to vote, after an "official source" said the rulings might make it impossible to keep the current voting ban in place.

Forgive me if I have raised this before, but have I ever asked for reasons as to why we should not rise up and slaughter them all?