Sunday, September 12, 2010

Down the green plug hole

Just as the morons in the Scottish parliament are beginning to wake up to the fact that the spending bonanza is over and there is no more money in the kitty, a report released under the Freedom of Information Act has indicated that they are going to have to find at least £8billion to fund their ludicrous climate change act passed last year.

Under the new spending constraints, where hitherto the cerebrally challenged Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have been convinced that money grows on trees, the report makes it clear that this funding requirement will "inevitably result" in cuts to all other portfolios.

Thus, at the most inconvenient time possible, reality gets its shoes on and goes for a stroll. Having decided on "the most ambitious attempt to cut emissions anywhere in the world", these buffoons have suddenly discovered that it costs money and, since they have not got a bottomless well of gold, they're going to have to cut back on schools, hospitals, welfare, etc., etc.

In a nation of five million or so that has allowed its collective brain to rot over the decades, as it has soaked up ever-more generous tax subsidies from south of the border, it is not easy to predict quite how the people of Scotland are going to react.

But when they discover that their precious services are being cut even more savagely than expected, just to pay for their rulers' climate change ambitions, it might just be possible that they (or some of them) become a tad angry. It is not quite the stuff of revolution, but it is getting us there.