Monday, September 27, 2010

He's right

Dellers is saying that: "We need to ensure that corporatist profiteers are no longer able to benefit from the distortion and corruption of the markets which result from green regulation."

He's right, of course, but short of shooting them, it is difficult to know how we go about doing that. In the US, the Tea Party movement is showing us the way. We need to punish these dodgy politicians at the ballot box, he says.

Then we need to ensure that those scientists guilty of malfeasance are, at the very least thrown out of the jobs which we taxpayers have been funding these last decades.

The big problem is that this country is no longer a functional democracy – if it ever was. The corporates are in bed with the politicians (and vice versa) and the people are very carefully kept out of the loop. Apathy reigns and, even if it didn't, we now have a choice between Ed Miliband and David Cameron. Some choice, unless you include Nicky Clegg.

Shooting them all, however, is a messy and inefficient way of going about things. Invariably, the wrong people get topped and, likely, it is the corporate selling the guns and making the profits. Profits are profits, whether from carbon credits or cordite. Plus, there is an absolute certainty that they will get their hired killers (pictured) to retaliate.

All in all then, things look pretty bleak ... unless, like Charlie, you believe in miracles. Perhaps that is what we need. Failing that, we have Delingpole, and that's a start.