Monday, August 23, 2010

Roll on the day

Seventy years ago, they were sending semi-obsolescent aircraft over in their hundreds doing their very best to kill us. And they're still trying to do the same thing, this time through the mechanism of cocking up our controls over nurses' competence.

We refer, of course to the 1000-year Reich, now morphed into the grandiose motor of European integration, along with the Frogs who rolled over and gave up in 1940, through sheer incompetence and lack of moral fortitude, only then to cosy up to the Nazis until the time came to milk the US for its dollars.

It was this stunning pair which conceived the 1957 treaty which embodied the principle of "freedom of establishment". It was this that allowed the Frogs and the Hun to live in each others' pockets without having to go to the trouble and expense of invading each other – not that they were particularly good at the latter, usually requiring one side or other to give up first or to have allies pave the way at their own expense.

But what was conceived by this deadly duo was adopted by our craven and mendacious politicians in the 60s and 70s, Macmillan and "Traitor" Heath – good Conservatives both.

And from their actions we now end up in a position where thousands of foreign EU nurses are allowed to work in Britain without safety checks because the tests could be deemed discriminatory under European Union law.

Up until now the Nursing and Midwifery Council - which previously controlled who can be employed here – has insisted that new recruits must have worked at least 450 hours in the last three years or go on a refresher course. But now all they will need is a diploma from their country showing they are qualified.

Of course, Frog/Hun axis will graciously allow us to test our own, and our kith and kin from New Zealand, Australia and Canada, but so much as put a sheet of paper demanding any more details than date of birth and preferred salary in front of your friendly, non English-speaking Roma, Dago, Itie, or the rest of the euro-luvvies, and the ECJ will have us up in front of the bench in no time at all, ready to fine us trillions of euro-buttons.

And there, to represent our interests is another good Conservative - Bill Hague, our much revered foreign secretary, seen here out for a stroll with his 25-year-old very special advisor. Doubtless, we can be confident that his gravitas, knowledge and determination will ensure that the British interest is given due consideration. After all, gay Bill doesn't want us to be in Europe and not ruled by Europe, does he?

Of course, 50 years of European integration, and the benefit of the wondrous rules which the "colleagues" have crafted, should by now – according to theory – have made us feel all warm and fuzzy about the continentals.

Perhaps without it, we would have come to accept the Germans, the French and the Italians for what they are - jolly decent and sensible members of the human race. Instead, the more and more they stuff their euro-crap down our gullets, the more and more are are inclined to think of a reincarnated Reich and look forward to a replay of the events 70 years ago.

This comes into even sharper focus when Bruno tells us that we are to pay £1bn on pensions for retired eurocrats in 2010. That certainly brings us closer to the day when even our somnambulant and apathetic lot rise up and slaughter the whole damn lot of them.

The day cannot come soon enough.