Sunday, August 01, 2010

Day 23 - Battle of Britain

The morning is exceptionally quiet, with heavy mist over the Channel. The first significant air action is just after midday when radar picks up signs of a formation approaching two shipping convoys "Agent" and "Arena" just off the Yorkshire coast. Church Fenton sector controller scrambles No. 607 Sqn Usworth (Hurricanes) and No. 616 Sqn Leconfield (Spitfires).

At 13:10hrs, the squadrons locate a Junkers 88 and a Dornier 17 at sea, just below cloud base. On seeing the fighters, the bombers gain height and disappear into the protection of the cloud, after a short exchange of gunfire. The Ju 88 of 9/KG4 crashes into the North Sea around this time but there are no records of 607 or 616 Sqns claiming the kill. One Spitfire is damaged but lands safely at its base.

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