Saturday, August 28, 2010

Faces of extremism

The future of the BNP may be in doubt says The Independent, while the newspaper also tells us that Bradford is braced for a visit from the EDL today.

Bradford is still very conscious of the Manningham riots of 7 July 2001, and the city is extremely nervous of a repeat. Local sentiment, therefore, is very much opposed to outsiders coming in to cause disruption. Certainly, the police are not in the mood for trouble and local reports suggest that over 2,000 have been drafted in. Anyone coming into Bradford today, therefore, will be looking for trouble – and is likely to find it.

However, somebody really should tell Chief Superintendent Alison Rose (pictured) that her job as plod is to "bring people to justice" and not to pre-empt any court findings or action. And why is that she can only talk in clich├ęs?