Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Unmanaged space

The joke that The Daily Telegraph webspace has become continues apace. Yet allowing one troll to stack up over 900 disruptive and insulting comments in the space of 48 hours is only part of the problem. This has become the norm on the Delingpole column:
bjedwards: Otherwise Engaged wins today's Loony Denialist of The Day award.

colrouge: bjedwards "Otherwise Engaged wins today's Loony Denialist of The Day award."

as reported by one of Lenins Useful Idiots

benfrommo: Do you bite my funny little parrot? I would like to feed you a cracker, but don't want my fingers bit.

I also want to know why I never get to win the loony denialist of the day award ... is that because I never feed you crackers?

otherwise engaged: Blowjob Edturd wins the unemployable 7 buck an hour shill for the greentard investment company's award for the year.

dozzer: Oh, goody. Giving out prizes, Beej? Can it be a snow-globe?

bjedwards: Just another kick of your butt, dozzer.
You can take a view on this, one being that it does not matter – that it is not important. The fact is, though, that this is the website of a national newspaper, one with supposedly a reputation for serious comment and some authority.

It has become unmanaged space – the above being the inevitable result. Why is the newspaper sponsoring the equivalent of a pub brawl? If it is not prepared to manage its own websites, why bother having comments at all?