Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Foxtrot Oscar time

Millions of households face an inflation-busting rise in water bills this week, with some increasing by up to 8.5 percent, or so we are told. Well, I haven't paid my water bill for two years, and don't intend to start now. A local monopoly, top-loading its charges with unnecessary regulatory costs – on the back of EU legislation – riven with inefficiency and unable even to guarantee the water supply, is not one which naturally invites sympathy.

All I actually want them to do is come to my door, as an honest trader would have to do, look me in the eye and tell me they're worth the money they want me to pay them. They don't do that. Instead, they inflate the charges and send in the debt collectors.

Well folks, it's Foxtrot Oscar time. You know it makes sense.