Thursday, February 10, 2011

Other people's money

The trouble with Hendry is that he is so stupid that he doesn't have enough brains to realise it. It is a pity, though, that his mummy didn't tell him that money doesn't grow on trees – so where does he think (if he can aspire to such a noble activity) – the money is going to come from to bribe communities to accept his accursed windmills?

Perhaps the fatuous fool might look out of the window of his chauffeur-driven car next time he passes Reading, Then he will see one of England’s best known wind turbines, also one of its most useless - according to the Daily Mail. According to latest figures, this 280ft pile of junk delivered a load factor of 15.4 percent last year. It tells the story: electricity generated worth an estimated £100,000 - subsidies extracted: £130,000 through the Renewables Obligation Certificate scheme.

Since it was switched on in 2005, this 2MW cash machine has extracted £600,000 from unwitting electricity consumers. But then even the fatuous Hendry has warned developers it was wrong for "inefficient" wind turbines to get "significant" public subsidies. What he does not seem to realise is that, while this may be an extreme example, it is only a matter of degree. There is no such thing as an "efficient" windmill.

This stupid thing, though, is somewhat of an embarrassment, as it sits on a ‘green’ business park and is owned by the leading subsidy farmer Ecotricity. Supposedly, it is one of England’s "flagship" turbines, visited by 20,000 schoolchildren a year and used as a focus to fill the poor little darlings with greenie propaganda.

The little Hendry, when he isn't bribing people to have these stupid things sitting on their doorsteps, is now looking for the subsidy farmers to move their contraptions out to sea, where he has just given permission for another lot of shysters to raid our pockets. And this is on top of Vestas stacking up increased profits ... all of which has come from the subsidy, without which they would be bankrupt.

The announcement of the new offshore wind development came as the stupid Hendry co-chaired the "Offshore Wind Developers Forum" in London, which had been convened to discuss with subsidy farmers how the government's proposals for "reforming" the electricity market "might help remove barriers to investment". For "remove barriers to investment" read: "steal more of our money". Not only are they thieves, they debase our language as well. By comparison, burglars are honest.