Wednesday, February 09, 2011

One born every minute

The little Louise of the Daily Failygraph has gone so far down the line towards insanity that even the polar bears are having problems containing their mirth (pictured). Fortunately, I don't buy her rag any more, and as long as it is devoting its pages to greenie puffs, there is no need to.

Furthermore, knowing Louise's weakness for greenie zealots, one did not have to look very far to find the WWF fingerprints, with the lead "researcher", Andrew Derocher, up to his armpits in WWF money. Why the Failygraph should act as the PR agent for WWF, however, is anyone's guess, but at least we don't have to pay for it any more.

A better piece on this "puff" is, in any event, is here, where you can count the conditionals, demonstrating that this is yet another speculative offering. And to think that newspapers once went through the pretence of printing news.

The douches who created the so-called research do of course have form. Last year, in another WWF-sponsored puff, they were telling us that polar bears in Hudson Bay were going to die out in 30 years. Now, they're all going to die ... everywhere ... which makes you wonder what next they will come up with.

So far though, cuddly polar bears are such a nice little earner that you can't see them giving up the scare stories in a hurry. And, like little Louise, there's one born every minute.