Friday, February 11, 2011

Scraping the barrel

It's always fun to see the MSM make stupid mistakes on their website, for no other reason that they are soooooo superior about their editing and fact-checking, and so anal about us lowly blogs.

However, the headline could well be a Freudian slip, as it's one of those hardy perennials about stopping the two-ring circus of the EU Parliament, and consigning the Strasbourg operation to history. Perhaps this is Bruno Waterfield's subliminal protest at having to produce a garbage story, featuring the lowlife, Edward McMillan-Scott, for the ever-failing Daily Failygraph.

Still, it does no harm to remind ourselves that this totally unnecessary monthly trek costs £150m a year, of which the British taxpayer coughs up £28 million. That is yet another reason why we should be having nothing to do with the EU, especially as there is nothing at all we can do about it – apart from leave.

I wonder though, how philosophically, you legitimise the extortion of tax for a purpose for which no-one approves, which cannot be justified and which nobody wants to pay. And to refuse payment would be?