Sunday, February 06, 2011

Rot at the Beeb

You might have noticed that I sort of took a day off from the blog yesterday, engrossed in writing the book. The two last posts were directly related, and are a fascinating corner of our history that is little explored.

One recalls of that period that the BBC regarded itself as its "finest hour", the period when broadcasting came of age. But I also found a minute from Winston Churchill from 1941, stating that editorial control was vested completely in the Ministry of Information. Effectively, the BBC then was an arm of the state, the official state broadcaster.

Now, it is the arm of the "liberal" establishment – in theory. But this piece in the Mail on Sunday makes you wonder whether it is even that, or whether now it is totally out of control. The time has come for all good people to stop paying the BBC tax. The only license here is the BBC's – a license to steal.