Thursday, February 10, 2011

And now if you want to weep

Go and read Mary Ellen Synon about Euroslime Dave's little games with the ECHR. They are games, and Mary Ellen is spot on in her analysis. Young Dave is indulging in his usual sport of micturition, using us plebs as targets.

If I had time, I would do my own analysis, but it wouldn't look much different – so we need not reinvent the wheel. But don't get angry ... that's bad for the blood pressure. Get even. That's going to take a little time, but remember also that revenge is a dish best eaten cold. My plate gets colder by the day.

BTW: the quality of her writing is delicious ... on the sale of HuffPuff to AoL: "Really, AOL could have got any of that for a lot less than $315m. It's all free on almost any lavatory wall in any Detroit bus station." I wish I'd written that.