Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Well, well, well

New mechanisms need to be found to develop more climate change-related investments, according to Nick Robins, head of the Climate Change Centre of Excellence at HSBC.

Speaking at The Copenhagen Effect event in London last week - where the panel widely deemed Copenhagen's Conference of Parties (COP) 15 in December a failure – Robins suggested: "Perhaps we need lock in the very low ambition and consensus that we have, secure that and then find other mechanisms, which stimulate much more enthusiasm for investments in the low-carbon transformation."

Would that be Nick Robins, member of and contributor to the Green Party, husband of Ritu Kumar, company secretary and director of TERI Europe, both resident at 27 Albert Grove, London, SW20 8PZ? And is this the same Nick Robin who, with his wife, Ritu, set up a company called Investor Watch, formed on 27 April 2009, with co-directors Cary Krosinsky and Mark A Campanale?

And is this the same Nick Robins who used to work for the environmental "charity", the International Institute for Environment and Development - which is now in partnership with TERI Europe on climate change issues?

Thought so. Nice source of impartial advice, he is.