Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amazongate goes serial

Infamy, they got it infamy, Pachauri might be saying. The Times of India is giving the Amazon an airing. Meanwhile, Liberty New Central reports on how I was "stitched up" on NDTV – the Indian equivalent of the BBC (in warmist ethos) while James Delingpole does his own update on the Amazon.

Andrew Neil, in a superbly robust piece, says send in the dambusters and Patrick Goodenough of CNS News does an excellent job of pulling the bits together. Strangely, The Daily Telegraph decides to use a piece on TERI and "Glaciergate". That was intended for the front page of The Sunday Telegraph, but it never appeared.

Nevertheless, the blogosphere is highly active on "Amazongate", with Watts up with that giving it good coverage. Witterings from Witney leads the way in the non-specialist blogs, with She wonk, Desso's blog, Earth Inc, Tarpon's swamp, Jamu blog, Penraker, No hidden magenta and others all diving in. As so often, the blogs are halfway round the world before the MSM has even got its boots on.

The highly-regarded Canadian blog Celestial Junk is running with the story, Grand Rants has a go (complete with pic of suicidal penguins), Truth is contagious is following the story closely, Rockport Conservatives make the obvious – but appropriate – comment, Mickey Maclean on Worldmag calls it "Rainforest gate" (I thought about calling it "Forest Gate", but thought it might be misunderstood), linking with Hot Air, the big hitter from the Michelle Malkin stable, and Tom Nelson is also giving us a link.

With hits coming in at one time at the rate of one every 1.6 seconds (over 2,200 an hour), JoNova writes entertainingly about the "four gates", Newsvine runs it, Barcepundit goes for it, the French site Le Post declares: "Le coup de grâce?" and the NCTimes blog suggests that AGW has moved to a "gated community".

Then there is Pete's place, Wizbang, Shane Sauer, the Indian blog Liberty News Central - which notes that Pachauri is reluctant to mix it with the media these days, and is seen getting into a SUV surrounded by minders - the First thoughts blog, which thinks things are "getting ridiculous", and Prison Planet, which does a copy-out from Delingpole.

Bob Ellis of Dakota Voice writes of 2010 as the year the great anthropogenic global warming hoax died. The American Spectator thinks that, with the Amazon revelations, the discredited IPCC also reveals media's malpractice. And while National Review did it yesterday, we know we are still having an impact: Wikipedia has deleted the entry on Amazongate.

Marc Morano's invaluable Climate Depot is now also flagging it up, adding to worldwide coverage. Says Andrew Neil, "The bloggers, too easily dismissed in the past, have set the pace with some real scoops - and some of the mainstream media is now rushing to catch up."

Meanwhile, Blogger Jennifer Marohasy calls for Pachauri's resignation. She is joined by Diederik Samsom, the Dutch environmental spokesman for the Labour Party (which is also a government party) (Dutch language report only). The consensus is crumbling.