Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice work if you can get it

Delingpole sums it up rather neatly:
So, to recap: in the course of a garbled phone conversation a scientist accidentally invents a problem that doesn't exist. This gets reported as if gospel in an influential Warmist science magazine and repeated by a Warmist NGO, before being lent the full authority of the IPCC's fourth assessment report which, as we know, can't be wrong because it is vetted by around 2,500 scientists. Then, on the back of this untrue story, the scientist gets a cushy job at the institution whose director is also in charge of the IPCC.
What we don't know yet is how much more cash Pachauri is conning out of gullible sponsors, for his latest money-making venture.

Either way, Roger Pielke Jr thinks it stinks.