Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little blips?

James Delingpole is waxing indignant at the utterly crass remarks of HRH Prince Charles during his visit to the CRU in East Anglia yesterday.

"Well done all of you. Many, many congratulations on your work. I wish you great success in the future. Don't get downhearted by these little blips here and there!" says Charles to the bunch of degenerates masquerading as scientists.

For utter fatuity, this must rank alongside the Prince's bizarre comments when he went to Brussels in February 2008, where he told Barroso: "Determined and principled leadership has never been more needed. Surely, this is just the moment in history for which the European Union was created?"

To say that the man has lost it does not even begin to do justice to what is happening here. There is a profound, deeply-embedded malaise in the psyche of our establishment, and our body politic in general.

This is a complete retreat from reality. The myth of man-made "global warming" offers them the ultimate fantasy, where they can convince themselves they are "doing good" without ever having to deal with the real world, insulated as they are from the effects of their own stupidity.

As the edifice crumbles around them, we thus see them desperate to shore up their belief systems, retreating even deeper into their personal fantasies. But reality cannot be denied forever. Soon enough the reckoning ... it is coming.