Monday, February 23, 2009

We shall see

Geert Wilders, the man whom the Home Secretary deems to be a greater threat to Britain than many hate-spilling imams and known terrorists, is visiting several American citis this week and going to Washington DC on Friday. Undoubtedly, there will be threates of violence. After all, the best way of proving that Wilders's arguments in "Fitna" are wrong is by doing just what he says Islamists do - threaten violence.

We shall see how the American authorities on various levels will react.

UPDATE: He has made it as far as New York City as this account by Phyllis Chesler shows. As ever, I wish she would not make ignorant comments about Churchill but it can't be helped. Americans seem to be insane on the subject. (And you don't often hear me say things like that.) Still, the fact that Geert Wilders has been able to speak freely in the United States shows that things are not as bad there as here and also proves something I have been saying for some time. This country needs a new Bill of Rights (just as soon as we are out of the EU) with that all-important First Amendment incorporated very high up.