Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wir fahren, wir fahren ...

Or to put it otherwise: we move on. Nothing stays the same. Further to the Boss's (note the capital letter, please) posting about what is happening to the blog, his other blog and the forum, some additional information is needed as I do not think EURef's readers have quite realized that there have been changes in the structure.

The blog is most definitely the Boss's. He, very courteously, goes on using the first person plural but that is just his good nature. It has been very successful with minimal interference from me and, as he has pointed out, the hit rate has been going up. That is probably because there are no boring postings about foreign countries.

His second in command, North Junior, has done a brilliant job on this blog, the other blog and, I presume as I don't spend much time on it, the forum. Kudos to the lad.

So where do I come in? Well, the Norths will allow me to post occasionally so this is still not the last post (bad luck, chaps) and we shall have to see how that develops. There will be a posting on Norway quite soon. As soon as I have worked out how to spell all the names without crashing the computer, in fact. Let us hope it will not take the hit-rate down. If it does, it's to the wall with me.