Wednesday, August 05, 2009


That an organisation could be that incompetent is beyond human comprehension. But, the MoD has managed it.

Says The Sun, another brave British soldier was blown to pieces in Afghanistan yesterday (in a vehicle, as yet unspecified) - the 192nd victim, with no end in sight to the carnage. It continues:

Our troops are risking life and limb for a cause politicians insist is vital to the interests of UK security. If so, it needs to be waged with vigour, determination - and unswerving commitment. Without the wholehearted support of the state they are sent to defend, how can we ask our soldiers to fight and die for it?

Yet after eight bloody years, there is little evidence that anyone in power - from the Prime Minister down - has their heart in it.
It is very hard to understand what the hell is going on here ... do they want to lose the war? Are they trying to get people killed, collecting body bags, like people used to collect Green Shield stamps?

UPDATE: Iain Dale has a story about ministers needing to get a grip on their civil servants. Quite!

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