Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sucking up to the MSM

If there is a single issue this blog has hammered – apart from defence – it is the coming electricity crisis, a subject with which we've worked very closely with Booker. In particular, in the 180 or so posts we've published, we have emphasised the political implications, not least here, where we wrote of the desperate need for the Tory party to get its act together.

Despite the huge political implications, we noted that very few of the so-called political blogs in the UK were following the issue, with Booker's articles and this blog's posts being largely ignored by the claque.

Now, out of the blue, The Economist wakes up to the impending crisis, prompting a response from one blogger that this was an issue we had covered extensively.

But not Mrs Dale. Impervious to the blogosphere which he so assiduously claims to promote as its self-appointed champion, the moment the embodiment of the established MSM goes into print, Dale rushes out a post, imploring us to read the article.

Yes, we have been critical of the Dale – and the blogosphere – in the past. But when you see the way the narrow little claque behaves, quivering and twittering every time the MSM drops its knickers, slavishly following the establishment agenda, do you wonder why?