Friday, August 28, 2009

Bending the rules

It is not only Ryanair that is playing the money game. The US multinational Intel took out a full page ad in the Irish Times to promote a "yes" vote. Intel’s move is designed to curry favour with the EU commission as it is currently facing a fine of over €1 billion under EU anti-trust legislation.

The way the referendum rules have been stitched up is, of course, another scandal. While campaign groups must adhere to strict limits on donations, companies or individuals can spend as much as they like promoting their views. Vested interests from Ireland and abroad can therefore spend millions attempting to influence how Irish people vote on 2nd October.

The "colleagues" are pulling no punches on this one – they are determined to have their treaty. When they finally get it, we are going to have to shoot them. Failing that, download this.