Friday, March 29, 2013

Immigration: eroding national solidarity

Guardian 029-imm.jpg

Mass immigration erodes our national solidarity, complains David Goodhart in his "controversial new book".

But, while we would not begin to disagree with that premise, does not Mr Goodhart realise that this is the intended purpose of mass immigration? From all sides, nationalism is under unprecedented attack, and no better weapon has been devised by the internationalists and surpranationalists than unrestrained immigration.

That does not stop Goodhart having some good ideas but, since he misdiagnoses the problem, his nostrums necessarily lack power. First and foremost, we need to rehabilitate nationalism, and repossess it from the so-called "hard right".

Only a confident nation state can properly manage its borders, and set the acceptable parameters for permitting entry. Immigration policy cannot properly be defined by any other body, as it is the very existence of borders which defines the nation state, and only a fully functioning nation state will protect them.