Friday, March 22, 2013

Energy: the fast approaching crisis

BBC 022-lig.jpg

As we gaze on the worst global warming of the season, with driving snow and deep drifts, so come the now ritual warnings about shortage of electricity capacity, on top of which – with the unseasonable weather - we face a gas crisis as supplies near exhaustion.

I do not think we could have made it clearer for longer that this crisis was coming. It was predictable and it was predicted, and now galloping down the high street, ready to afflict us all. Rarely have we seen such a serious, collective failure of policy, across the board, encompassing politicians of all colours. 

When we end up shivering in the dark, it will be entirely due to the incompetence of our leaders, with the complicity of our media which, despite its preening and posturing, has never properly held them to account. We have been governed by fools, in the company of charlatans And there are no excuses. They got it wrong.