Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Thieves out to play

It is Council Tax time again and the thieves are out to play, demanding money with menaces. The Raging Tory has a risk-free idea for tormenting our tormentors. There are some others, making up the essence of a guerrilla war against those who are too powerful to confront directly.

One would like to think we could emulate the Irish, though, as – according to the The New York Times - anti-austerity protesters are claiming victory after the government acknowledged that around 50 percent of Ireland's estimated 1.6 million homeowners failed to pay a new, flat-rate $133 property tax by the March 31 deadline.

But, actually, we get something of that every year. Approximate one in four (25 percent) of households in Bradford refuse to pay their tax until they receive summonses. There has been a low-level rebellion for years – just that the media does not report it.