Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's grim ooop north

A few miles to the southwest of Bradford is the old mill town of Brighouse, home of the original Brighouse and Rastrick band.  It stands on the River Calder, alongside which runs the extensively renovated Calder and Hebble Navigation, which runs 21 miles from Wakefield to Sowerby Bridge. 

And, on an idle Sunday, there can be nothing better than exploring the dark satanic mills of West Yorkshire.  And, as thee can see, it's grim oop North. 

Sunday 002.jpg

Sunday 001.jpg

Sunday 003.jpg

Sunday 004.jpg

Sunday 005.jpg

Sunday 006.jpg

Sunday 007.jpg

Sunday 008.jpg

Sunday 009.jpg

Sunday 010.jpg

Sunday 011.jpg

Sunday 012.jpg

So, you really can see how much we are suffering. It's no wonder we're all so miserable and speak with funny accents.