Saturday, April 07, 2012

One of those days

We seem permanently to be in the silly season these days, and the MSM is crammed with inconsequential events and trivia. Bank holiday period it might be but I do not ever remember things being this bad. Be proud to be dirty says the Failygraph retailing the latest propaganda from the water companies, telling their frustrated customers to see filth on their cars as a "badge of honour".

This is Louise Gray, so it makes a change for her to be retailing this sort of garbage instead of indulging her global warming obsession. Interestingly, the photo is of a foreign car. Perhaps, subliminally, we are being told that foreigners are filthy and we should be copying them.

Most papers are doing the Pakistan avalanche story, and that is fair enough, although it is not the normal fare for EURef and I really cannot get worked up about the ministers and their tax turns. This story really is dross. And nor can I get worked up about the Independent and its scientists rewriting the rules of human reproduction.

But, with the EU now on holiday, and the world winding down for Easter, there is not an awful lot more to go with. We will have to content ourselves with Louise Gray's feelthy foreigners and their grubby cars. It's a tough old world out there.