Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nature isn't natural

Booker Nature.jpg

Last week, the Booker column struggled to reach 200 comments and never made it, but this week gets more than a hundred before midnight on the Saturday.

The difference is that this week, we have a romp round climate change, which always brings the groupescules and the trolls out to play, many of them treading familiar ground which has very little relevance to the material Booker actually writes.

For the record, Booker is taking apart Nature Magazine, which has long ceased to be a serious scientific journal, having become a cheer-leader for the climate change industry. Booker has more patience than me though, charting its latest excess, one as predictable as finding bears in a sedentary position depositing organic matter in a tree-filled environment.

As always though, it is worth a read but, unless you are into such things, you can save yourself some time by giving the troll-baiting a miss.