Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doing it differently

According to a report - reviewed by the Daily Wail - entitled Criminality's Grip on Business, the various Mafia groups across Italy make a profit of around £116 billion a year.

Extortion and intimidation is used to extract millions from shopkeepers, restaurants, cinemas, construction companies and thousands of other businesses as the godfathers spread their criminal enterprises across the whole of the country.

However, there is no cause of any moral superiority on our part. We just do it differently here, with our quango queens, local council CEOs, police bosses and our over-paid bank chiefs with their bonus culture.

The difference is that we have legalised extortion and intimidation, so that the council chiefs on their £250k "packages" can send out their bully-boy bailiffs, and thugs in blue, to scoop up the goodies without having to get their hands dirty.

At least in Italy, there is some – albeit slender – hope that the authorities might get to grips with the Mafia. In the UK, the authorities are the Mafia.