Sunday, January 29, 2012

The black hole in Obama's speech

Booker does something that I cannot bear to do – he listens to the BBC World Service, and hence picked up the live broadcast of Obama's state of the union address last week.

I usually like to add something to Booker's column when I review it, but I'm always cautious about US politics, as I have no feeling for the nuances or the depth of knowledge that one needs to make sensible comments. His piece, therefore, stands for you to enjoy, untarnished by North input.

It is worth adding though, that the retreat from global warming in the US – exemplified by Obama's silence on the issue – is to a certain extent paralleled in the UK. But, since the UK started earlier and went further – and has the EU incubus to deal with – it will be much longer before we start seeing clear signs of retreat over here.

If Obama can manage to distance himself from the warmists, though, then Cameron should be able to do so, as indeed he is accused of doing. At the very least, it looks as if we are not going to have to suffer any more pics of him hugging huskies.

But even I might be prevailed upon to contribute to a fund to send The Boy to Norway to hug a polar bear. Could we do that? Yes we can!