Thursday, January 17, 2013

EU politics: we should listen to these?

BFE 017-rtz.jpg

A few days ago, "leading" British business figures were warning in a letter to David Cameron that he risks destabilising the economy inadvertently taking Britain out of the EU, if he tries to seek a "wholesale renegotiation of our EU membership".

Interestingly, one of the signatories was Jan du Plessis of Rio Tinto, the self-same Rio Tinto, presumably, that has had its chief executive, Tom Albanese, stepping down today because of a $14 billion write-down on the value of assets that he helped acquire. 

With such towering giants of business acumen supporting the europhile cause, we can only wonder how long it is before their FUD campaign collapses and these "leading business figures", which include ex-thief Richard Branson, become the laughing stock that their political skills merit.