Thursday, January 10, 2013

Climate change: Dellers disses the Met

Mail 009-del.jpg

While we've been obsessing on the EU, Dellers has been minding the shop on the Met Office imbroglio. You can read him in the Mail.

The worst of it all though is that hard-pressed taxpayers are having to shell out their money for this dire organisation, not least the £3,760,000 from Defra last year for a "High Performance Computer Supernode" for "Climate Change work".

That, however, is only a tiny slice of the money being spent on the climate change obsession: read this list and weep. Not least, we have £30,000 on this little gem on "using water wisely", on top of £214,576 exploring the "impacts of climate change on water demand". We've also had spent on our behalf £72,000 on a "climate change booklet" and£169,710 on work to enable government to target "behaviour change campaigns".

Not all of this is new, but there are multiple current projects, including £3,455,675 spent on reviewing the evidence "for over 700 potential impacts of climate change in a UK context".

All of this serves to underline the fact that real money is being spent on this obsession – our money – for which, as Dellers points out, we get very little in return.  We actually pay £200 million to fund the Met Office's dodgy, Mystic Meg prognostications, but "the real bill for its incompetence runs into the billions". 

As we sit and freeze, though, the worst of it all is that we're not even getting any global warming for our money.