Friday, January 18, 2013

EU politics: nothing to offer

Guardian 018-toy.jpg

One constant area of debate is the precise degree of ignorance of the hacks in the legacy media, especially about "Europe". This failing industry, after all, struggles to tell the difference between a "summit" and the European Council, and thinks David Cameron cast a veto at the European Council the year before last.

One past of the mystery, however, is solved by Polly Toynbee in the loss-making Guardian. There, she refers to the 1963 "Elysée treaty that founded the EU and celebrated an end to a century of three Franco-German wars".

There is something of a cottage industry in fisking Polly but, to my mind, life is too short. The only thing to do with such a profound level of ignorance is to ignore it. Witterings from Witneyis right. These people have nothing to offer.