Monday, January 21, 2013

Climate change: the ice-age cometh

Ice age 001.jpg

We had about six inches of global warming overnight, and it doth continue to fall from the Heavens. The zealots can prattle all they like about extreme weather events, and argue until the cows come home that "climate change" brings more snow, not less – despite having predicted the contrary.

Unfortunately for them, most ordinary people equate snow and things like ice, and blizzards, and things, with being cold. The pretensions of the climate "scientists" are turning them into a laughing stock, as Dellers is quick to point out.

And it is ridicule, more than anything else, that is going to drive the warmists back into their closets. You can do "angels on the head of a pin" to the point where people are screaming up the wall with tedium, but when the scary movie is drowned in a chorus of sniggers, you know that it's game over. 

But then, if you think we have it bad, look at Moscow, the city that once had to truck in snow from Siberia.

More than 90 Russians have died during the cold snap and more than 600 people have been taken to hospital as a result of the extremely dangerous weather, which is 10 degrees below the December norm.

Nearly 200 people have died throughout Russia following weather-related accidents and hypothermia this season, according to official statistics, although the extreme conditions have likely contributed to many more fatalities.

I guess now is not the right time to sell them global warming.