Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Energy: we told you so

Inde 020-war.jpg

In a stark assessment yesterday, headlined by most of the legacy media, Alistair Buchanan, head of Ofgem, says the UK will come "uncomfortably close" to power shortages from 2015 …".

In a stark assessment published on this blog on 4 June 2008 (below), Richard North wrote, "by 2015 – if not before - we could be facing the most serious disruption to our power supplies since the 'three day week' of the 1970s".

energy 020-war.jpg

But, as this piece records, we first wrote about this issue 10 October 2004 and really got into our stride on 17 December 2006 when we strongly suggested buying a back-up generator.

We were at it again on 9 January 2006, when we were worried out the likelihood of anything intelligent being done about the problem receding, and then yet again on 28 May 2008, warning of "things to come" when tens of thousands of electricity consumers suffered blackouts.

On 29 May 2008, we were warning of a "national crisis in the making", on 4 June we were calling for an honest debate about energy and on 3 August, we did our most detailed analysis to date and backed it up with other pieces on 17 September and 22 September.

We were back on the case on 26 September, again on 2 October and yet again on 22 October. Then, on 12 November, in the context of the BBC finally doing a small piece about the possibility of power cuts, we noted the tendency of the media, by act and omission, the media, especially the broadcast media, it deciding for us what is and is not "news".

Now, after all these years, Mr Buchanan is warning that we face power cuts in 2015. And the media is at last deciding that this is news.

Well, I'm shocked.