Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Eurocrash: so that's a "no" then?

An opinion poll for Danske Bank carried out by Statistics Denmark found 15 percent of Danes agreeing with the idea of joining the euro. On the other hand, 56.9 percent decided that joining was definitely not a good idea.

This compares with 46.8 percent for, and 53.2 percent against in the 2000 referendum on joining the euro.

Needless to say, the political establishment still have their ambitions. Says Klaus Rasmussen, chief economist at the Confederation of Danish Industry, " the euro has a lot of problems, and the Danes are obviously sensible enough to say that a membership discussion is not worthwhile, as long as the countries of the euro area have not solved their problems".

He adds, that "It's a good idea to join the euro, but it's no surprise that the Danes have decided that now is not a good time".

This rather typifies the breed. Unless or until the euro lies dead, with a steak through its heart, a silver bullet in its skull, and is buried in consecrated ground, surrounded by garlic and a moat of holy water, there will still be people who want to join it.