Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Climate change: and yet …

Guardian 010-ski.jpg

It is not only Scotland which is enjoying fine skiing conditions. We are told that ski resorts across Europe have enjoyed one of the best and most consistent snowfalls in a generation, prompting an unprecedented surge in forward bookings for the upcoming 2013/2014 ski season.

Conditions in North America have also been good, with several resorts in the USA and Canada extending their season until early summer. One resort reports that it has been a "stellar ski season" and is enjoying "practically perfect conditions for early April".

And yet, the loss-making Guardian has 75 sports champions warning of warmer winters "in latest effort by environmental campaigners to urge president to act on climate".

More and more, we see that the warmists are not of this world (as if they ever were), viz the latest effluvia from the Met Office. Why does anyone listen to these people … or the Guardian for that matter?