Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The People's "No" Campaign

At last, we're ready. The official launch of The People's "No" Campaign (against the European Constitution) is to take place at 2 pm Wednesday 25th May 2005. It will be held at The Conference Room, Abingdon House, 13 Little College Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3SH. The launch has been sponsored by Lord Stoddart.

The "No" Campaign has been created as a genuine non/cross-party grassroots coalition to help deliver an overwhelming and emphatic rejection of the European constitution. Campaign Director, Neil Herron states:

It is essential that a genuine grassroots campaign helps to deliver the reasons for saying "no" in a plain, no-nonsense style, free from party politics. We are creating the broadest coalition from across the socio-political spectrum and intend to replicate the achievement of the North East No Campaign which rejected the Government's and John Prescott's proposals in the recent Regional Assembly Referendum by the biggest margin in modern political history.

The Constitution represents further surrender of power to Brussels and this is quite simply unacceptable. The debate preceding the referendum will be the first opportunity for the British public to examine the true nature of the whole "European Project". A full examination of the consequences of political and economic integration. A debate that we have been denied for over thirty years.
Dr Richard North, Research Director, states: "This is a genuine, important and fundamental move by the people of Britain to reclaim their own destiny."

The timing of our launch is to show solidarity with the French "No" Campaign, and to send a message to our domestic politicians that they will not be in for an easy ride. If the French vote "oui" on 29th May then it is "game on" for our domestic Constitution referendum battle.

Details of the growing alliance will be posted on the website shortly, where we have a full analysis of news and events as they unfold. More statements to follow.

Contact: Neil Herron, Campaign Director. Office 0191 565 7143; Mobile 07776 202045. Registered Office: The People's No Campaign, 12 Frederick Street, Sunderland SR1 1NA.

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