Sunday, May 29, 2005

Banality rampant

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest the fragrant Margot has reduced her blog to a banality that is almost stupendous. As several of the comments said, the only interesting part of the whole exercise is reading other people’s comments.

I particularly like to read the objections to her fluffy bunny silliness raised by various more or less angry people across Europe. There is for instance the reader who has been trying to get an answer to a perfectly ordinary question: how does she square her boo-hooing about the Holocaust with the fact that the Commission authorizes payment to Palestinian broadcasting groups that spread vicious anti-Semitic propaganda?

There is no answer to this, partly because the fragrant Commissar together with her colleagues is unable to connect two separate concepts: Holocaust and anti-Semitism. The Holocaust is something bad that happened in vacuum in the strange world that these people live in.

What is there in the posting? Well, the fragrant Commissar rejoices because it is summer, just as she rejoiced because it was spring, though she also thought of buying a shotgun.

She rejoices that Kuwaiti women now have the vote though seems entirely unfazed by the fact that Swedish women, or German women or various other women and men are not allowed to vote on the European Constitution.

In fact, she is still unhappy about the referendums as these show that it is difficult to put complex points into simple questions. And, of course, if you ask the people, you might not get the answer you want. As by now, the fragrant one must have realized.

And she worries about the Amazon rainforest. Several rather caustic comments were made on the blog about the fact that it is not her highly paid job to worry about the rain forest, particularly as she seems to know next to nothing about it, beyond the fact that some tribes still live there. Wow!

She will keep us posted, she says. More freebies for the fragrant Commissar, methinks. Should she not sit around trying to rescue the situation with the European Constitution? After all, she was supposed to “sell” it to the people.

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