Tuesday, May 17, 2005

He doesn't seem to have got the point

President Ivan Gasparovic of Slovakia has suggested that smaller EU members should seek to amend the EU's constitution so that they do not have to accept all legislation from Brussels.

According his spokesman, Marek Truba, Gasparovic made this suggestion during a meeting with the president of Estonia, Arnold Ruutel, on the sidelines of a Council of Europe. Truba said the constitution required national parliaments to adopt new EU laws passed, which may not always be acceptable to smaller members. That requirement should be modified, he said.

"The president suggested that, after all 25 EU members have approved the constitutional treaty, the three Baltic states and the four Visegrad nations (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) should combine to change parts of the constitution that are not satisfying to the small nations," Trubac said.

Unlike Helen, I don't know what they eat or drink in Slovakia, but Gasparovic must have been feeding on magic mushrooms if he believes he can get other member states to agree that he can pick and choose the EU laws he applies. Even after a year of membership, he does not seem to have got the point of what the EU is all about.

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