Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New "no" website

Following on from its relaunch today, the "Vote-No" campaign – now rebranded as the "no campaign" – has come up with a new website.

It has also produced a new campaign leaflet, running to 11 pages, entitled: "The European Constitution – It's your decision", with a form at the back which includes the plea: "If we are to win the referendum we must work together".

I think we could have done without the photograph of Green MEP, Caroline Lucas, with her quote: "The EU needs a new big idea, not this Constitution. Saying no is the first step to reconnecting the EU with Europeans by placing sustainability and democracy at its heart".

Er… waddaya mean, "Europeans", paleface? And when did the EU ever connect, much less reconnect?

That aside, there is no overt reference to supporting membership of the EU, either in the pamphlet or on the website, which is a distinct improvement. Furthermore, the theme – of the constitution giving more power to the EU – is a reasonable approach.

The campaign has also produced the results of a poll conducted by ICM, claiming that 54 percent of Britons oppose the constitution, against 30 percent in favour. Campaign director Neil O'Brien is now promising an "advertising blitz" after the French referendum.

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