Monday, May 16, 2005

Group blogs

Some of you may have picked up the puff in The Sunday Times Review for the self-important Mz Arianna Huffington. She has started her own "Blog" under the name of The Huffington Post, which she calls a "cultured conversation" on the web.

She claims to have been a fan - and an advocate - of the fast-moving blogosphere ever since bloggers started leaking juicy American political stories that wouldn't be touched by the chummy DC press corps. Simply put, she says, blogs are the greatest breakthrough in popular journalism since Tom Paine.

However, her site seems to bear little relation to blogs as you and I know them. In gushing tones. Huffington describes it as combining "a breaking news section with an innovative group blog where some of this country's most creative minds can weigh in on topics great and small, political and cultural, important or just plain entertaining."

Disagree if you will, but I tend to take the view that the relationship between real blogs and the glitzy productions à la Huffington is roughly similar to that between seduction and gang rape.

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